I can’t find subtitles, what should I do?

I can’t find the subtitle of the movie I want to watch. The movie has no subtitles. I can’t find english subtitles.


We recommend that you search for the subtitle of the movie you want to watch from several subtitle repository sites and make sure.

– www.altyazi.org,
– www.opensubtitles.org

are the most well-known warehouses.

If you still have difficulty finding subtitles for the movie when you check these sites, the translators on these portals may not be aware of this movie or they may be keeping the subtitles of the movie in the translation process list yet. So you may need to activate translators. For example, type the movie you want in the search section of divxplanet.com (new name altyazi.org), even if you cannot find the subtitles in the results, you will see the info page for the movie. Maybe even subtitles in English or in the original language of the movie have been added to the system. In such a case “Report”, “Add Opinion” etc. It is possible to draw the attention of the translators who will translate the subtitles to this film by using the buttons.

However, if you don’t think you can find a solution in this way, we can say another solution;

Preparing Turkish subtitles quickly via google translate. This last solution is a pretty bad one. However, every day, google translate is improving itself in Turkish translation. After finding the English subtitles of the movie you want to watch and downloading this file to your computer, open the file with Notepad. Copy all the texts in it to google translate. Get the final version from google translate, save the file and put it on the player you use.

In this way, even if it is wrong, you will make a translation to the extent that you can understand it. ­čÖé