Videos have sound, no picture

If there is sound and no video, this indicates a codec problem. For example, the file you open is an image file with mkv or mp4 extension. These file types can only be opened by installing the codec.

What is a codec?

What we call codec is derived from the words Compressor and Decompressor, meaning to compress and decompress. Avi formats called Divx are called in short and are actually a type of compression.

When you install a codec pack on your computer, your computer displays the video to you via the player through these codecs.

What is the action to be taken?

All you need to do is download and install a codec pack. The best in this regard is the K-lite codec pack. With GOM Player, you can open your video files without the need to install a codec pack.

4 Comments on “Videos have sound, no picture

  1. dediğiniz problem bende vardı. hatta zamanla oluşmaya başladı. en sonunda çoğu wmv uzantılı videolarda ve hatta daha önce sorunsuz izlediğim videolarda bile aynı problem ile karşılaşında dediğiniz gibi k-lite codec yazılımını güncelledim. Fakat problem devam ediyor.

  2. ATİLLA arkadaşımız gibi bende de aynı sorun devam ediyor