Find Codec – Codec finder window

Programs like GOM Media Player need some software tools called “codecs” in order to play the data stored in video/audio files. GOM Player includes all of the most important video codecs, so in most cases you don’t need to install anything extra to watch a video file.

Find codec  kodek bulma penceresi
Find codec – codec finder window
However, other than that, when you want to play a video file that does not have a codec in GOM Player, you will see the above window in GOM Player. ( Cannot play the media file. )
By clicking Find Codec, it will search for the codec of the video or other type of media file you want to open from the GOM Internet Network, and if it finds it, it will automatically install this small software plug-in (codec). So you will be able to watch the video you want to view in GOM Player.

What are the advantages of Codec Discovery Window?

GOM Media Player’s Codec Finder will inform you that the required codec for your video is missing, and then assist you in finding a solution.

GOM Player will easily download and install the appropriate codecs for you, instead of searching for codecs and making a long effort. You don’t need to do anything extra.